• Learn how to read a room then deliver your message with the emotional precision of a seasoned screenwriter.
  • Build mutually-beneficial relationships with every message you send. 
  • Know how to keep energy vampires away with precision and professionalism. 
  • Build a solid partnership that can withstand life's curveballs without buried feelings of resentment. 
  • Open up the doors to easy communication and ask for what you want in your partnership.
  • Be the kind of father that is present engaged with your kids.
  • Spot both good and bad matches so you don't waste time and energy
  • Create the kind of relationship structures that support your vision and desires.
  •  Communicate expertly on an level playing field avoiding emotional traps. 
signature approach


Imagine you were able to have lightning-fast insight about the instincts and hidden motivations behind everyone you interact with throughout the day. It would be an almost super-human set of powers that would allow you to make fast, wise choices to navigate even potentially scary situations. 

Learning your Signature Approach is the beginning of learning to master the world through a whole new set of powerful tools. A set of lenses that honors everyone for what they bring and finds new ways to work together.

Sacred masculine rising book


We are being called to become the highest expression of ourselves. Whether it's at work, in our families, with our kids or with our partners, the weaknesses of traditional masculinity are being revealed as our culture shifts away from male-dominated power. 

While, for some, it's seen as a threat, we see it as an opportunity to evolve. We are the men who will adapt and step into our Divine Masculine nature to continue leading, serving, following and changing the world. 


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Daniel Fox is a force of nature. 

He makes me think about what I think about myself and other people, and why. He brings communities of amazing people together so we feel less alone in exploring our vulnerable places. 

He also makes me want to be a better human.

Topics include, Integrated Masculinity, Leadership and Vulnerability, Relationship Hygene and Profitable Communication and more.

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Author, speaker and executive coach, Daniel Fox founded what became an 8-figure business with hundreds of employees only to find himself purposeless and disconnected from his passion. Practicing for over 12 years, he now coaches executive men to supercharge their relationships in every area of their lives. 
6-month, one-on-one coaching program
RISE INTO PURPOSE is a designed for the ambitious leader, visionary or entrepreneur who is ready to awaken to a higher potential and wants to join a group of growing leaders. 

This is an opportunity for those who want to add anywhere from six-figures to one million dollars of value to the world per year and be deeply aligned in their purpose and relationships doing so. 

RISE INTO PURPOSE mixes high-level of accountability, strategy and self-work to move you faster than you may be used to. We will meet in person, via phone or video conferencing over the course of 6 months. 
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